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This Mojo New Client Hub has everything you need to be an informed Mojo client. Below are links to schedules, the app, contact information, what to expect at your first class, commonly asked questions, and more!

Stay connected

Use the link below from your phone to save our studio contact information and follow our social media pages. You can email or text us with any questions or concerns you may have!

* Please note, we do not have a phone connected in the studios so classes are not disturbed. Text and email are the fastest way to have questions answered.

Download the Mojo App

You can book your classes and review your schedule in the app.


How to prepare for your first class

  1. Preregister for your class online at
  2. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and bring a water bottle and a small towel.
  3. Arrive at least 10 min early for your first class.
  4. When you arrive, you will leave your shoes at the front door and check in at the front desk.
  5. At the front desk, there is a bowl of crystals that symbolize hands-on adjustments during class. Your instructors are trained to provide adjustments during class and will come around at the end of class with some essential oils for adjustments ONLY IF YOU HAVE A CRYSTAL at the top of your mat. If you wish to not have any adjustments you do not need to grab a crystal for class.
  6. Your instructor will show you around the studio and answer any questions you have before class.

Is your first class at the Mojo Northside studio? The entrance is a little hidden so please watch this video for entrance directions.


How hot are the heated classes?
Sculpt & Heated Yoga classes range between 95-100 degrees, Hot Yoga classes range between 100-103 degrees.
What is the best class for your first class?
We often recommend Yinyasa for your first class. This is a combination of 30 moving yoga practice and 30 min of deep stretching. It moves a little slower that the regular yoga classes so it is a great class to learn the poses.
What if I am late for class?
If you have preregistered for class your instructor will wait a few extra minutes before locking the front door.
Why were the studio doors locked when I got there?
We do lock the doors when you go into class to keep everyone's stuff and the studio safe. If a manager is at the studio during class, the doors will stay open.
Do I need shoes for class?
No. Our classes are typically practiced in bare feet, however if you feel more comfortable in socks you are welcome to wear socks for class.
What if I can't touch my toes?
Great! Most of our clients can't touch their toes that's why they are taking yoga classes! Join us to work on improving your flexibility.