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Mojo Fit Studios is a yoga, barre and fitness studio with two great FargoWe're more than your average yoga and barre studio. Our class variety provides you many options to support your health and wellness goals. (See class options below)


Mojo Fit Mission:

Our mission is to be a yoga and wellness studio centered around its community. We are committed to providing high quality classes, a nurturing atmosphere and a warm environment that is supportive of client and instructor growth and happiness.


SCULPT (heated/non heated)

Yoga Sculpt is a combination of yoga and muscle conditioning using weights, cardio and strengthening exercises for optimal calorie burn! This class is a high energy class set to fun upbeat music. You won't want to miss the yoga sculpt party!

Experience: some yoga experience helpful Heat: 92-96 degrees (unless identified non heated on schedule)


Yoga Hot Detox is an energetic form of yoga. A series of flowing postures, synchronized to breath, designed to tone the body, build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance, and create an awareness of the connection of mind and body.

Experience: all levels Heat: 99 - 102 degrees


This flow class will help you refresh your body and mind using breath, movement and deep stretch postures. This class provides the breakdown of postures for new students at a little slower pace and deep stretching Yin Poses for students to deepen their practice and flexibility. Yinyasa is a non heated class.

Experience: all levels/no heat *great for beginners


Burn 30 is a 30 min interval training class using high impact exercises and weights to tone and shape your body.

Experience: Intense workout but modifications for all levels are provided./no heat


Barre Fusion is a combination of yoga, isometric exercises and ballet movements. It focuses on muscle toning and conditioning. This is a low impact class to get into shape and have fun!

Experience: all levels Heat: no heat (unless identified on schedule)


A vinyasa style yoga class for all levels wishing to practice. This flow class will help you refresh your body and mind using breath, movement and strengthening postures. This class provides the breakdown of postures for new students and allows for advanced students to deepen their practice by offering advanced modifications.

Experience: all levels/no heat


Restorative yoga uses props to support the body in positions of ease and comfort to facilitate relaxation and health. This is a slow paced practice to help your mind and body rest, restore and reduce overall stress.

Experience: all levels/no heat


Prenatal Yoga is a safe yoga practice for expecting mamas with a focus on breathing techniques, hip openers and healthy pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes provide a community for mamas-to-be to move, stretch and connect.

Experience: all levels/no heat


Yin Yoga is a slower style of yoga class where poses are held for longer periods of time 1-5 min. This allow deep realase of the ligaments, fascia and muscles will help to increase circulation, flexibility and stress reduction.

This is an intense streching class great for athletes and runners./no heat