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For 10 years Mojo Fit Studios has been lucky to be a part of this community. Even after 10 years, it continues to warm my heart when I hear clients and instructors connect, share support, and celebrate wins with each other. When I lived in Minneapolis I was inspired by a yoga studio that was the BEST part of my day. This quickly became the mission of Mojo Fit Studios when we opened 10 years ago. Mojo Fit mission: Be the best part of every client's day. To support this mission we have five core values we live by at Mojo Fit Studios (create a safe space, give grace, have grit, give back, and come as you are). It feels fitting that our 10-year challenge follows these five core values. For 10 days you will earn points as a team for challenges that align with our core values. Whether you were an OG member, haven't been to the studio in years, or are a brand new client, we invite you to participate in this 10-day challenge to win prizes but more importantly have fun and connect with your fellow Mojis. I want to thank all of you for supporting Mojo Fit Studios over the past 10 years. I feel so blessed to get to do this, but even more humbled to have your support. Cheers to 10 years! REGISTER FOR THE 10 YEAR CHALLENGE HERE!

Please mark your calendars and register for a class on November 7th, our official Anniversary! We will be celebrating in both studio locations all day with events and giveaways! giveaways! Check out the anniversary package and membership specials HERE.

  • With Gratitude,
  • Kristen Burbank
  • Studio Owner