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Feature Video

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Mojo Yoga 30 7:16:2020

Mojo Beginner Yoga Series w/Megan

60 MIN 4.1.2020  New to yoga? This slower-paced yoga class will step by step guide you through beginning yoga poses!

Mojo Yoga Classes

Mojo Chakra Yoga Detox


Mojo Yin Power StretchYoga w:Gina 4 8 20

You will need your mat against a wall for this Yin Yoga class.

Mojo Yoga Detox w:Jessica 4 14 20

Mojo Yoga Flow w/Gina

60 MIN  3.26.2020

Mojo Yoga Detox w/KJ

60 MIN 3.22.2020

Flow & Stretch Yoga w/Megan

60 MIN 3.21.2020

Mojo Yoga Flow w/Sid

60 MIN 3.27.2020

Mojo Yin Yoga with Megan

A 60-minute yin yoga class focusing on hamstrings! A power stretch class that works towards increasing flexibility within the body. Poses are typically held between 3-5 minutes. 60 minutes Recorded on 4.2.20 Props Needed: Bolster or Pillows (roughly 3 throw pillows) Blocks or thick hardcover book Yoga strap or towel Blanket

Mojo Easter Sunday Yoga Detox

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Meditation Practice

5 Minute Meditation with Katelyn

Reset your day with this 5-minute meditation with Katelyn!

Yoga Nidra w/Jessica

20 Min 3.22.2020

Mojo Sculpt Classes

Sculpt w:Dana 4 14 20


Mojo Sculpt 4 18 20

Mojo 30 Minute Sculpt Class with Megan

Need to get a quick workout in? Try this 30 minute sculpt class with Megan! Duration: 30 minutes Playlist: spotify:playlist:2q16TRe4g9klFnxsO2F5KL

Mojo 80s Sculpt with Megan on 4.4

An 80s themed 60 minute sculpt (fitness) class with Megan. Full body workout including arms, legs, cardio and core! Duration: 60 Minutes 4.4 Playlist: spotify:playlist:6U30pUyfJ81oSkhZ2fbPps

Sculpt w:Dana 3 24 2020

Mojo Sculpt Robyn,Megan,Sid 3/27/20

Mojo Barre Classes

Mojo Barre Alison 4 10 20

Mojo Barre w:Jill 4 13 20

Mojo Bootcamp Barre w/ Sid

50 MIN 3.25.2020

Mojo Burn 30 Classes

Mojo BURN 30 4 13 20

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Mojo Daily BURN 30 "COREtastic"

Select your own playlist.

Mojo BURN 30 w/KJ

30 MIN 3.27.2020

Mojo Family BURN w/KJ

15 MIN 3.22.2020

Mojo Workshop Videos